Peer-to-peer scheme

“Creative hubs bring together creative people. They may differ in size and focus, but ultimately ‘a hub is a hub’ when it unites, inspires and promotes a community.” Intro The European Creative Hubs Network Peer-to-peer exchange scheme (P2P scheme) was launched during the European Creative Hubs Forum in Belgrade, between 22 and 24 September 2016. […]

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An online platform of & for creative hubs

We are so delighted to finally be able to launch the European Creative Hubs Network website! The websites wishes to be a platform of convergence for all creatives in Europe, whether a hub, a professional, an innovative business or an individual, each looking to connect with creative hubs across the continent. We wanted to collect […]

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European Creative Hubs Fora

The Creative Hubs Fora are key events to develop the network. A Forum is based on the methodology developed at the European Creative Hubs Forum, in Lisbon in January 2015, but with new elements that will include : Curation of the forum: each forum will be co-curated by a specific steering group, composed of the 3 hosting […]

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