European Creative Hubs Forum | Belgrade | VIDEO

The European Creative Hubs Forum How Work Works was organised by Nova Iskra in Belgrade between 22-24 September 2016.

The forum was the very first event of the European Creative Hubs Network project. It brought together more than  100 creative hubs leaders from across Europe, in an effort to investigate the shifting paradigm of work as seen through the prism of creative hubs. It aimed to contribute to the Network’s future by mapping out the diverse ecosystem of hubs, and to showcase the richness, diversity and importance of the European hub landscape, having in mind that these organisations play a key role in supporting young entrepreneurs and creative professionals across the continent, as well as beyond the borders of EU.

This video is meant to provide an overview of the richness of activities that took place in Belgrade, and offer a wider idea of what the European Creative Hubs Network project is trying to achieve.