Bios Exploring Urban Culture was founded in 2001 in Athens and has since been making work in the contemporary cultural production sector and new entrepreneurship, focusing on new creatives, art and technology today, youth expression, as well as shaping of the urban environment.
Bios is based in two buildings located in central Athens, Bios.Tesla (84 Peiraios st.) and Bios.Romantso (3-5 Anaxagora st., Omonoia).
The organization works on the development of networks and foundations of creativity, upholding its vision of creating capacity and improving life in the city, for its people in current times.
Bios is solely responsible for producing a vast scope and number of cultural activities, such as performing arts festivals, concerts, theatrical performances, and exhibitions, educational programs, within and outside its physical location.
Since 2007 it has ventured toward enterprises related to facilitation of professional training, employability, new entrepreneurship and start-ups in creative industries (cultural industry).
In 2013, Bios established the first creative hub in Greece, housing over 60 up-and-coming creative businesses. Through this initiative, the Organization reactivated the historical Romantso building on 3-5 Anaxagora st, in one of the toughest areas of the Historical Centre, organizing a series of targeted actions aiming to alter the neighbourhood image and to assist its reintegration on the Historical Centre map.