British Council

British Council works to create international opportunities for and trust between the people of the UK and other countries worldwide. Our arts portfolio in EU lives and breathes the aspiration to inspire, innovate and transform – to offer young people, artists, participants and audiences in the UK and across the EU life-changing and life-enhancing experiences, helping to provide opportunities and constructive approaches to some of the big challenges across countries in the region such as youth unemployment, skills gaps, access to the labour market and talent retention.

The arts and creative industries are central to how we achieve this and our global and regional network places us in a unique position to achieve significant impact and change by finding new ways of connecting and seeing each other through the arts. British Council is the only UK agency working in the creative industries sector with market intelligence and on-the-ground resources in over one hundred nations, a global network and direct access to international policy makers.

Our work in creative industries exists to forge connections between the rapidly growing creative industries sectors in the UK and overseas. It enables international partners to connect with UK expertise, to develop skills and capacity and, in the process, provides opportunities for the UK creative and cultural sectors to learn from and collaborate with overseas CE experts and practitioners.
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