Tools & Learning

European Creative Hubs Network Workshop #2 Toolkit (Berlin)

European Creative Hubs Network has designed a series of 3 workshops hosted by the project partners – Factoria Cultural, betahaus Berlin, and Creative Edinburgh, with help from the British Council – in 2017. Each workshop targeted a slightly different audience, from hub leaders who are at the beginning of their creative hub managing career to […]

ECHN Trade Magazine

Read the Creative Hubs Leaders Magazine Creative hub leaders are a new ‘profession’, a new trade, but are not always recognised as such. Creative hubs are creating new forms of leadership using collaborative, bottom-up, interdisciplinary, and community-focussed approaches. They have a completely different skill set and understanding than more traditional forms of institutions. The first […]

syn | acting together

syn- acting together is a collection of 7 critical texts investigating the concrete and potential effect creative hubs can have on the economy, at local and global level. It does so by presenting texts which focus on the creative hubs seen from an analytical and academic point of view, from the perspective of the creator […]

Creative Hubkit

Creative Hubkit – Made by hubs for emerging hubs The Creative HubKit is a free toolkit for people looking to set up a hub. It is made up of best practice examples, helpful experiences and tried and tested approaches from some of the most successful hubs in the UK and Europe. This HubKit aims to […]

How Work Works – An inventory of effects

How Work Works – An inventory of events is a collection of 6 critical texts that focus on the shifting paradigm of work and creativity. This publication traces the emergence and evolution of co-working, and pins creativity as an underlying factor to the way we think and work.   The publication was produced by the Belgrade based creative hub and design incubator […]

b.creative – The Global Event for Creative Entrepreneurship

An international competition rewarding young creative changemakers. Are you a young artist or creative entrepreneur? Are you concerned about contemporary societal issues, ranging from poverty to migration to climate change and urban living? Do you want to take an active role and provide solutions? Enter the b.creative challenge! Launched by KEA European Affairs as part […]

Changing skills – European policy

What is it about? As the culture sector evolves and changes, so do the skills required of individuals active in the sector. The educational and training needs created by these changes can only be met by an education sector that recognises the change in demand. Why is it needed? With digital and mobile technologies becoming […]

Creative Enterprise Toolkit | British Council – Nesta

The British Council has partnered with Nesta to share their Creative Enterprise Toolkit with creative start-ups around the world.   The British Council partnered with UK innovation agency Nesta to internationalise their Creative Enterprise programme, which helps creative professionals turn their skills into a business. It’s aimed at people whose businesses are no more than two years old. […]

Creative Europe – Support to Networks

The cultural and creative sectors embody Europe’s rich history and creative potential. They contribute to the development of our societies, not only by creating jobs and wealth but most importantly by giving a soul and identity to Europe and its peoples. The European Union decided to allocate €1.46 billion over seven years to the Creative […]

Creative Europe Programme

Creative Europe is the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors. Following on from the previous Culture Programme and MEDIA programme, Creative Europe, with a budget of €1.46 billion (9% higher than its predecessors), will support Europe’s cultural and creative sectors. Creative Europe stated aims are to: Help the cultural […]

Creative hubs: Lighthouses for the new urban economy | British Council Report

The British Council latest research considers the definition, value and impact of creative hubs on the wider economy, particularly in times of financial and political uncertainty.   “Creative hubs are fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon…They have become a new way of organising creative economy innovation and development”   The British Council Creative Economy team been working […]

Creative Tracks

Aware of the importance of increased cultural diversity and a wider sharing of values, Creative Tracks aims at setting up a platform that will offer a wide array of services and events, unlocking a new generation of international creative entrepreneurs and accelerating their professional development. Creative Tracks is a 2 years EU-funded project, with the […]

Crowdfunding for Culture: Reshaping the Crowd’s Engagement with Culture

The study “Crowdfunding: reshaping the crowd’s engagement in culture” maps and analyses how crowdfunding is currently being used for the benefit of cultural and creative activities, and evaluates to what extent barriers hamper the further integration of crowdfunding in the financing mix and broader practice of CCS actors.  As the topic of crowdfunding for CCS […]


Crowdfunding, the practice of funding a project or organisation by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, has been growing substantially in recent years. Thousands of people and organisations across Europe have raised funding through crowdfunding platforms, including cultural and creative projects. How does crowdfunding work for the cultural and creative sector? What […]

Cultural Diplomacy Platform

British Council partnered with Goethe-Institut, BOZAR (Centre for Fine Arts), EUNIC Global, European Cultural Foundation and Institut français in the global EU project Cultural Diplomacy Platform. Launched in January 2016 following the recommendations of the Preparatory Action “Culture in External Relations”, the Cultural Diplomacy Platform is designed to strengthen the ability of the EU to […]

Cultural Heritage – European policy

What is it about? The cultural heritage of the European Union is a rich and diverse mosaic of cultural and creative expressions, our inheritance from previous generations of Europeans and our legacy for those to come. It includes natural, built and archaeological sites; museums; monuments, artworks; historic cities; literary, musical, and audiovisual works, and the […]

Culture for cities and regions

EUROCITIES and KEA, in partnership with ERRIN, manage Culture for Cities and Regions, a European Commission initiative funded by the Creative Europe programme to support cities and regions in making sound investments in culture. The project started in January 2015 and runs until September 2017. A unique opportunity for cities and regions to learn from each others Investment […]